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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The season from hell.

Well, basically the title says it all. What it all comes down to, is this season sucks for the Cincinnati Reds. Although I must admit, I do like some of the young prospects that we are beginning to see in the Reds organization, I just don't know how well they're going to A) Do in the major leagues and B) Fit in with the Reds. Homer Bailey has been showing good signs pitching with the Bats in Louisville, and quite frankly, I cant wait to see him up in the bigs. Our pitching SUCKS, (which is no shock to you, I'm sure). Anyways, I just don't know if they should bring him up now, or wait till the tail of the season so he can get some more practice in AAA. Oh well, I guess we won't know until we bring him up, (please God, let it be soon). And second, where did this Josh Hamilton guy come from? Ya know what? I don't care, he can hit for power, average, he can shag balls well, and he can run, so I vote "yay". Let's just not get stupid and trade him away once management realizes he's good, (ala Reese and Kearns last year). That's all for tonight folks! Enjoy the new site!


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