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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day at GABP

Today is always a bittersweet day for me, baseball aside. It's a time where I honestly feel guilty for not being one of the thousands of Soldiers serving this country. Politics be damned, it's a great thing they do for us, and no one should ever forget that. With that being said, thank you, for everything.

I actually scored some sweet seats today at Great American courtesy to my Grandmother winning them in a raffle. So mom, dad, and I went down to GABP and sat in 133, row P (doubt that even matters to whomever is reading this), and we also got tickets to the Riverfront Club, which is very cool. Anyways, Ryan Freel seems to be the story of the day, and rightfully so. If you missed it, there was a long fly-ball hit to RC field, and him and Norris Hopper collided and, well, Freel didn't get up. For 13 minutes, (lucky number, eh?) But Ryan Freel is one heck of a player, and if you're out there Ryan, somehow making your way through the cyber-maze known as the internet and stumbling on this blog, I just want you to know you're one heck of a player, and I applaud you for that. Whether or not you know you are going to be thrown out at first, you hustle, which is more than I can say for a lot of the other players in MLB. Get well soon kiddo, we need you back. Now, onto the Reds...

The Reds are peculiar in my opinion. Some games, it looks as if Jerry Narron went down to a local ball field, saw some kids shagging fly balls, and suited them up. Other games, it looks as if these guys have been playing together for years (hmmm...) And what I cannot seem to grasp, is how infrequently the latter is the impression bestowed upon me. I know playing baseball at Sycamore High (Go Aves!), I learned how to play VERY well with my team mates, and very quickly at that. Now, multiply that times 5 for how many more games they play than we do, and you'd think the Reds players would be woven tighter than the cork in Sammy's bat. I just don't get it. I know Im not down there playing, but COME ON! Play as a team, please!

Good game today. 4-0 Reds, Lohse pitched well, only one fatality.


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