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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Is it possible to not even really care anymore? I usually turn on the game when it is in the 2nd or 3rd inning, and guess what? Its 4-0 almost always, and it just eats away at you, like a looming cold that you just can't get rid of. The Reds are sick, there is no other way to look at it. There is a proverbial virus going around that clubhouse, and it's spreading to the fans. I do know for certain that the Reds cannot afford to be boycotted by their fans, and I have no intention of doing that, but wow, I can barely take this anymore. It's a shame that Reds have no sense of "togetherness" it seems, and to me, that is unacceptable. A team needs to be just that, a team. Meaning they are not tons of individuals, they need to act as one. And last night, when Stanton short hopped that throw to Hatteburg, which was no longer than 30 ft, I just couldn't believe it. Unacceptable.


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